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VPSrv Review by Professionals on

As a hosting provider, you always strive to get honest and real feedback to be able to improve your service. We read a review on and were really happy to get the opportunity to see a real and professional review of our servers and our mistakes.

As you may be able to see within the review, we lost alot of points due to the lack of server locations in our sortiment.

We listened to that part in particular. Yes, you are completely right. Because of that feedback we are now announcing 32 new nodes within the USA and Asia in total. Those locations will be slowly added to our sortiment as the testing and security updates are done within the setups. Our goal is always to be the most secure hosting provider, and we work hard for that goal every day, so we also tell you an additional information about our server setup for our VPS.

We encrypt the whole node with Truecrypt and run the VMs of our HVM virtualized customers (so all of them) in a Truecrypt Container. In case of seizure or theft or any other event that would lead to turning off the server, only we will be able to decrypt it again. To add some more information to the background of our system:

We perform daily encrypted backups to a cloud server outside of the network of our nodes to ensure we have no single point of failure in case of issues/problems. Also all our harddrives (ssd and hdd) run in a secure RAID1 setup and are protected in case of Harddrive failures.

We want to especially thank for their amazing review about our service and hope they will give us a chance to improve once our new locations are setup and stable within the network.

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